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The secret sauce

Donors want to feel engaged with the organizations they’re funding. By tying recurring giving to things your donors do, your organization’s milestones, or world events, you’ll connect donors to your cause (and get 8x the donation revenue).

Mass shooting

Mass shooting

Every time a mass shooting occurs, donate to Sandy Hook Promise

Dine out

Dine out

Every time you dine out, donate to GiveDirectly

Drink coffee

Drink coffee

Every time you purchase coffee, donate to clean drinking water

Trump tweets

Trump tweets

Every time Donald Trump tweets, donate to the ACLU

Night out

Night out

Every time you buy drinks, donate to clean drinking water

Book a ride

Book a ride

Every time you book a ride, donate to Cool Earth

Steph Curry

Steph Curry

Every time Steph Curry scores a point, donate to anti-malaria bed nets


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first benefits

Engage donors

  • Creative recurring donations are more exciting to donors
  • Embedding donations in everyday life reminds donors about your organization
  • Keep donors engaged with monthly emails
second benefits

Grow revenue

  • Recurring donors give 8 times more on average
  • Tie recurring donations to things your donors do and care about to increase your recurring donation volume
  • Acquire donors with exciting marketing and build relationships that last a lifetime
third benefits

Save time

  • Instantly create a custom branded donation page
  • Avoid the lengthy training process with simple tools
  • Donors keep giving so you don’t have to keep asking


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Corey Booker

This is just awesome!

Nicholas Kristoff

If you're still on a salary and want to help those who are struggling from the effects of #Covid19, this website has really interesting ideas:

Olivia Wilde

Oh hell yes. I just signed up for Now every time Trump tweets, I donate to Black-led political organizers that will help us win the swing states. #DefeatByTweet @realDonaldTrump @DefeatByTweet


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