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Defeat By Tweet

Defeat By Tweet (DBT) was a campaign created in 2020 to stop the reelection of Donald Trump. People signed up using a Momentum donation page to donate every time Trump tweeted. These contributions were used to support BIPOC organizers working in swing states to fight Trump’s election. Powered by their recurring donors, the campaign continues advocating for racial justice in crucial races across the country.

Defeat By Tweet

Momentum helped us scale from an idea to a force for change within a matter of months. .. we went on to have a material impact in Georgia’s Senate races and beyond. Because of our work with Momentum, Defeat By Tweet garnered media coverage in Newsweek, ABC, NBC, and Yahoo! Finance.

Before Momentum

DBT had:

active donors

With Momentum

DBT received:

new donors in three months.
in donations.
of new donors signing up as recurring donors
An average monthly donation 4x the cost of acquisition, among recurring donors.


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This is just awesome!

Nicholas Kristoff

If you're still on a salary and want to help those who are struggling from the effects of #Covid19, this website has really interesting ideas: https://cancelcorona.org

Olivia Wilde

Oh hell yes. I just signed up for http://DefeatByTweet.org. Now every time Trump tweets, I donate to Black-led political organizers that will help us win the swing states. #DefeatByTweet @realDonaldTrump @DefeatByTweet